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EROTICA: Thinking Of You


EROTICA: Thinking Of You

I woke up in the early hours of the morning, drenched in sweat because I woke up from a dream about you. In it, my writhing body was beneath you as you invaded me with your sweet cock. I moaned and pleaded as you fucked me, driving me completely crazy until I unraveled and my orgasm swept me away.
Now I lie on my bed, alone, wishing you were here. I reach underneath the shirt I wore to bed. My hand found warmth between my legs. I want you. I imagine you are here with me, stroking me, sliding your fingers between my legs and making me melt.
I know I will probably never have you. You belong to someone else, but I still could not keep myself from dreaming. My yearning leads me to reach for my trusty dildo in the drawer beside my bed.
I take off my shirt. I was naked underneath, naked for you. I run my hands across my breasts and over my nipples, my touch making them stand at attention. I part my legs and slowly stroke my inner thighs with my hand. I then part my pussy lips and slide one finger sweetly in.  It enters easily, for I was already soaking wet. Do you feel that? Do you feel how wet I am for you?
I pick up the dildo and slide it into my tight hole, imagining your cock sliding so wonderfully into me. I then push the fake cock deeply and completely inside me as the toy reaches its full nine inches deep in my cunt and spread my pussy so fully with its thickness.
I open my legs as wide as I can and push the cock in and out of me, letting it stretch my walls. I keep pushing it deeper, forcing the dildo to pulsate against the top of my cunt. I rock my hips back and forth, fucking this sweet, vibrating cock and imagining it is your amazing dick doing dirty things to me.
Leaving the toy between my legs, I reach up again to take each of my boob in my hand. I rub them gently with my palm then tease my nipples as I felt my pussy begin to throb with need. Keeping one hand on my nipple, I reach back down to slide the cock in and out of me. I am deep in lust and desire sweep over me as I pump my own pussy. I close my eyes and throw my head back as I pinch my nipple a little harder and fuck myself a little deeper.
My back arch on the bed, causing the vibrating cock to push against my clit as I feel a fiery orgasm race through me. I do not stop, I keep pumping the cock in and out of my cunt, again and again, even harder now as I have gotten used to its length. The thud-thud sound of my hand and cock colliding with my pussy fill the room. I bite my lip to stop myself from being too loud, but I am unsuccessful. I cry out as another orgasm escape me.
Slowly, I reduce the pace of my thrust, trying to wind down from the climactic peak I just reached.
I am spent.
I bring out the dildo to see that it had been fully coated with my juice. With a sigh, I put it back inside my pussy, I am not ready to part with it yet.
I lie there for a few minutes, enjoying the way the cock fill me while my pussy throb calmly against it.
I soon fall asleep to more dreams of you as my sweet hard toy cock maintains its position between my legs.

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