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Must Read: 7 Keys To Long Lasting Relationship

7 Keys To Long Lasting Relationship

Everyone at a particular stage of our life we desire one perfect relationship or the other,in that awkward moment where everything in our life seems to be in jeopardy we all need someone in our life and sometimes those in our life seems not to get it when they ought to but it ain't their fault. I wanna talk about the first keys every one ought to know before going into a relationship, I called them the keys to long lasting relationship.

But before I go into them I ought to make everyone understand that finance plays a vital role in every relationship and even when people come into your life mostly as a MAN and the finance ain't there that relationship is bound to end in jeopardy cos it's only with the aid of finance you find your relationship in interesting places,as a MAN in other for you not to hurt yourself I advice you go out there and get for yourself one or two sources of income before going into a relationship cos at the beginning most people will say MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING,yes I agree but to make it better understood it's also MONEY THAT WILL GET YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED.

1. WHO AM I: The first question is asking ourselves who we are,many people always want to take advantage of situations surrounding them in terms of relationship and expect everyone to give them one attention or the other in a relationship yet they don't know who they are,if you know who you are then it will be an easy step down the way. They have no idea about themselves and then how do they expect someone to just come and know them better than they know themselves?you need to know who you are before looking for someone.

2. WHO ARE YOU LOOKING FOR: It's certain you know who you are,now the question is who do you want to be in a relationship with?knowing who you are and your kind of person determines the type of person that suits your type of person,for example a businessman who will love his wife to always be at home with the kids as a fulltime house wife shouldn't be going around an ambitious woman who takes her career in high regards cos it will definitely be a bad miss.

3. LOVE: You are in a relationship you so desired cos you are dating the type of person that suits you,now it's time for you to love that person to all totality and don't have a double mind of making that person just as a member of your heart but in all totality when it comes to area of spouse in your life so you won't have to regret tomorrow,cos even if you love someone it's not enough reason to say they won't leave you but if you love them unconditional even if things don't work out,you even end up being satisfied with no regret at all.

4. CARE: How well do you love this person you find yourself in a relationship with?there is no way you love someone and you don't care about that person,their welfare and way of life and all is now a part of you and you are always there in all situation that when they are about to find a shoulder to cry on they find yours always and even when they need someone to smile with,talk to and all you always there to say I care and show you really do.

5. TRUST: In every relationship issues of trust always creep in one way or the other,the moment you find yourself in a relationship always tell yourself to trust your spouse and don't give room for doubts cos most relationships are in jeopardy cos of lack of trust,sometimes things appear different from their real intentions,when you doubt your spouse then all other things in the relationship follow that cut channel and down all other things began to drown. lack of trust brings about worry and fear which always leads to speculation and assumption,it's assumptions sometimes that leads to mistake which end up roasting our relationships.

6. HONESTY: Yes it is believed generally that being completely honest in a relationship is what will leads to the end of that relationship,I seems to agree with that but not in all totality due to some reasons from my observation,there is always one guilt or the other but when you live a transparent life then there won't even be a reason why you should be scared of cockroaches in the cupboard. if you are completely honest you won't have to try and remember what you've said before and there is no need being scared about your honesty bringing your relationship into jeopardy cos your spouse knows this is you.

7. UNDERSTANDING: You have to bring yourself down and try and understand your spouse then your relationship and how things role in the relationship cos change is the only constant thing in life and your spouse is bound to change in one area of their life or the other and that is the reason why you have to understand all situations all the way so when there is a change you ought to know where it's coming from and what lead to it,no one is hundred percent there all the way but there is no two ways about it as long at you understand why your spouse may have hurt you that way letting go is a lot easier.

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