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Must Read: 8 Things Every Woman MUST Remember When Giving Him A Blow Job

Blow job

8 Things Every Woman MUST Remember When Giving Him A Blow Job

The only thing a man likes better than receiving a blowjob is a woman who knows how to give one. If you are looking to not only impress your man but to pleasure and take him to a blissful climax, you ought to be aware of these eight important blow job tips.
1. The wetter the better
No man would complain that a blowjob is too ‘wet.’ When going down on your man, the more lubrication the better. Whether during blowjobs or handjobs, make sure you keep things nice and wet. Most women opt for using saliva but you can also make use of edible lubricant. The point is, as you move around his penis, things have to slide smoothly, even almost slippery.
2. Move around
His penis is not the only thing that can be stimulated. Show attention to the whole length, including the tip, but also show some love to his balls and all the other parts. Watch for his reaction so you know which parts turn him on the most. You can also mix it up. For example, while you have your mouth wrapped around the head, your hand can stroke his base, balls or even inner thighs.
3. Be a tease
If you do plan to give your man a treat, do not jump on his penis straight off. Men like a little foreplay too. Kiss him, stroke him, get to know his body and stimulate his other erogenous zones. This will increase anticipation so that when you finally get to his penis, his pleasure will much more intense.
4. Get comfortable
No need to pretend to be a porn star because you want to pleasure him. If things like swallowing or deep-throating are not your cup of tea, you do not need to force it. No man wants a blow job by a woman who is uncomfortable or forcing herself. You are actually supposed to enjoy giving him that kind of pleasure. If taking his whole length is uncomfortable, focus on the head (which has the most nerve endings) and use your hands to stroke the other parts. As long as your palm is lubricated, he will still enjoy your effort.
5. Talk to him
Do not be shy to ask him what he likes. Some men enjoy a little bit of extra attention on some parts of their body. If your aim is to truly pleasure him, encourage him to tell you what he likes. You can also make it a part of your ‘dirty-talk.’ Asking Yes/No questions like, “Does that turn you on?” “Do you want me to go faster?” etc can help you navigate better.
6. Alternate the pressure
You should not give him a blowjob using only one approach. Switch between gentle and rough or fast and slow depending on what he likes and how far into the process you are. Some men enjoy things gentler at first and as he gets close to orgasm, he might want you to go faster. Others might want you to switch back and forth as you go. This is why it is very important to encourage him to tell you what works for him.
7. Learn by watching
If you are the kind of couple that are very comfortable with each other, you can try this. Have your man masturbate while you watch. You will learn a lot from this. You can notice how he switches pressures, intensity and even what part of his penis he focuses on the most. He gets to pleasure himself and you get to learn more about how to pleasure him. It is a win-win.
8. Agree on the swallow rule before hand
Nothing kills the mood faster for him as you stopping mid-blowjob to tell him not to cum in your mouth. Agree on whether or not you will swallow his cum before you start. Agree on a signal that says he is about to cum. Also, agree on whether or not you will give him head until he reaches climax. If you choose not to swallow but you can handle his cum in your mouth, have a tissue on hand to use. You can also have him tap you on the head or shoulder when he is close so you can either choose to stop, finish him off with your hand or be prepared to swallow. No one likes a blowjob surprise.

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