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Must Read: Reason why "Masturbation" is not good for you

Reason why "Masturbation" is not good for you

Hello Friend, If you like Masturbating yourself, it's high time you reduce the number of time you do it.

Below is some reason why you should reduce the amount of time you do it:

Masturbation plays a big role in a normal sex life. Some of us discover it as children because it starts to feel so good between our legs. Others are shown by our friends.

We continue to masturbate because it feels so good. It gets us ready for mature sexual relationships when we reach adulthood, and it helps us take care of those raging hormonal urges and surges when we are teenagers. Masturbation can enhance mature sexual relationships where two partners use it either as a prelude to other sexual activity, or as the main fare. And it keeps us going when relationships falter, such as when a partner is ill or away. It is a great equalizer in a relationship where one partner needs more sexual activity than the other.

Masturbation is a healthy sexual behavior. Like other behaviors, when over practiced or addicted it can lead to both psychological and physiological imbalances.

The side effects of such changes to the body include:

Fatigue. Feeling tired all the time
Lower back pain
Thinning hair / Hair Loss
Soft / Weak Erection
Premature Ejaculation
Eye floaters or fuzzy vision
Groin / Testicular Pain
Pain or cramp in the pelvic cavity or/and tail bone

  Over-masturbation can pose serious threat to sexual and over all health, curing these effects with herbal supplements is safe as herbs do not have side effects and are quick to alleviate the problem. Masturbation has been a way of satisfying sexual desires for both males and females since a long time, it is estimated that 94% of males and 64% of females practice masturbation. To an extent it is treated as harmless and even good for health but when the frequency of masturbation goes beyond the tolerance limit of body organs then its effects are dangerous if left untreated.

The biggest effect of over masturbation is mental rather than physical, person in habit of it gradually shifts away from normal intercourse and finds masturbation more satisfying and pleasurable. People in habit of it always seek few moments of loneliness to masturbate, even slightest arousal can make them aroused and they may feel the urge to discharge.

This situation can promote problems like low libido, ED and lack of orgasm. Other then these problems people in the habit of over masturbation may face the problems like prostatitis, weak parasympathetic nerve, distressed liver, semen leakage, premature ejaculation, sexual exhaustion, impotence and low sperm count.

How much is too much masturbation? That depends but it’s suggested men keep their ejaculation frequency down to 2-3 times a week. However, sexual activity can be experienced more often if men learn how to orgasm without ejaculation. Doing so can actually store bioenergy into your system and make your penis firmer, your erections last longer, and your ejaculate volume bigger.

Masturbation is a part of life and our sexual practices. In fact, most doctors recommend it, not only to improve sexual experiences but to also promote good general health. However, like most things in life, too much of a good thing can be bad. Excessive masturbation can lead to symptoms like stress, fatigue, and memory loss. In extreme cases, sufferers fall into the pitfalls of impotence and hair loss.

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