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Must Read: Types Of People To Avoid In A Relationship.

Types Of People To Avoid In A Relationship.

Lets get right on with it.
Here are 11 types of people you do not want to be in a relationship with.

1. People who are with you because nobody else love's them.

2. People who are with you because of how you look.

3. People who are with you solely for the benefits. Connection, contracts,Papers (Valid visa) e.t.c

4. People who leave somebody to be with you.
They might seem cool at first until the stunt is repeated, but this time on you.

5. People who are very tempramental.Easily angrered and hurt.

6. People with insatiable appetite
They believe there's a world out there to explore, and are held down by the relationship. Most cheaters sterm from this category.

7. Liers
They love you but a leopard cannot get rid of its spot overnight.So they lie even when not necessary.

8. Mummys boy and Daddy's girl
They hardly can take independent decisions in their relationships......
They leave all decision making to thier parents.

9. The insecure
They know what it took took to get you,hence cannot afford to let you mingle with others for fear that you might snatched or stolen.

10. The Clingy
They love you and might not be necessarily insecure. But donot understand the term "personal space".
They always want to be around or be in touch.Although arguable, most premarital relationship can wind up for this reason.

11. The boring
They hardly can hold conversations morethan a minute and have a very boring routined lifestyle.Some in this category know and try to spice up thier life.While others scream "Take me for who I am" and usually end up sad and lonely.

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