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You met this amazing girl of your dreams and you asked her out, she agreed and now it’s been more than a year, then she suddenly starts talking about weddings and babies and you freak out. Probably you could be the one that asked your boo this scary question “When are you going to put a ring on it?”.  

The response you get might not be pleasant and could make you seem a little “pushy” but at least someone had to say something. Darrh! Its been over a year Loverboy. 
We are going to be real with you in telling you why men in general are ice-cold scared when it comes to the issue of marriage. Here we go.

Marriage changes everything. Yes it does, regardless how it is been painted by the media. We like the way we are, really we do. We don’t want to give reasons for every action we take , be at home before curfew, attend those looooong compulsory family meetings and expecting us to transform into the perfect DADDY overnight. Gosh! Really?

Hundreds of self-doubting thoughts passes through a man’s mind like : What if I fail? Will I be able to do this? Am I good enough for her? What if she leaves me? What if I go broke?. Seriously, every man regardless of how confident he appears to be thinks about this every day.

#3           DROP IN ROMANCE
Teasing our girls, taking them out, pampering them. Those things are priceless. Now with marriage and the ‘added responsibility’, we feel that the romance will fizz away. We fear we will lose that crazy, carefree girl we fell head-over-heels for, because she may turn into a cranky wife. We have seen our girl friends losing their individualities and careers after marriage and we don’t want that for you, seriously!

No man, We repeat No man wants to give up bachelorhood just like that except he deeply loves his girl. If we had our way, we wont. All that freedom lost. NO WAY! She must be worth it. Those hangouts with our peeps, night beer parties, all night playstation gaming without timing and need I say the liberty of flirting and the spending without a care. No, we don’t wanna lose all that.

There is no sane man living on this earth that wants a failed marriage. We all want to be that loving husband and awesome father but my dear reader, Man proposes and Life gets in the way. Responsibility is our biggest enemy. We hear about the increasing cost of accommodation, education  baby food, baby clothes, the STRESS  (oh my God),and bills bills upon  bills. Sorry we love you but we need time to think and plan.

WE LOVE YOU and we are constantly think about you but we need you to understand that to be a man is not a day’s job and we want to become better but we need you to be patient and give us time to plan for you and our future kids.

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