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Valuable Truth About Ladies On Sex In A Relationship

Valuable Truth About Ladies On Sex In A Relationship.

Girls do always complain why are guys always interested in getting into their pants especially before marriage. The same girls would still find a fault with guys who don't want to have the sex with them yet.

But when you ask these girls the reason they complain about guys only getting into their pants the reasons will be; they will mean nothing to the guy after sex, there are more other important things than sex which maybe getting to know each other or blaaah blaaaah and so on.
And when you ask the same girls why they find fault with guys who refuse to have sex during their relationships, these girls reasons will be; he has sexual problem, he is not man a enough to do it he is scared or he is attracted to the other side and so on.

The truth here is that:
When a girl had given sex to a guy, to her it means like she had given to him her most valued tresure even though she is not a virgin, to girls sex is there weapon, jewelry, pride or only possession but not to all girls. She will hardly make a fuss(forming, challenge) to her guy when he gets her tresure.

When a guy had not yet had sex with his girl yet, he can hardly excess a boyfriend role without a disrespect or challenge from his girl. Some few girls may know the reason for their behaviours and some may not know because they act base on their sub consciously in reference to those thoughts they hidden within.

Where am driving at is; that girls give more respect to a guy who they had sex with than a guy who hasn't even though the guy is their boyfriend. Most girls are programmed by the thoughts if guy hasn't collected her tresure(had sex with her) does not yet deserve her respect or anything from her yet.

Take look at both conversations below;
1- conversation between a guy and girl who occasionally have sex.
Guy: hey bebe
Girl: hi sugar
Guy: were are you?
Girl: am at home.
Guy: doing what
Girl: Cooking my love for my parents and siblings
Guy: bebe I need you right now
Girl: hmmm, someone is really missing me
Guy: am waiting
Girl: let me be through with cooking my love, I hope you havnt eaten anything yet, am bring rice and chicken
Guy: k
2-Conversation between a guy and girl who had not have sex over 3months relationship.
Guy: hello my love
Girl: hi love
Guy: I called over 4 times, you didn't pick. Why?
Girl: am busy
Guy: Doing what?
Guy: are u there?
Girl: yes
Guy: I want to see you
Girl: am busy
Guy: we haven't see each other for weeks now, am missing you
Girl: ok
Guy: ok what na?
Girl: am busy 
Guy: when will I see you
Girl: I dont know

From the first conversation you did notice how the girl respected his boyfriend and showed the love.
But from the latter, even though the girl there loved the guy, she could hardly show the love because she was disappointed if you know what I mean.
Advice: Those guys facing challenges with their girlfriends you should ask yourselves this, am I satifying her on bed? Girls are not mainly programmed for money, they can work and earn money for themselves. They need a man who can exercise his role as a man on bed and then will they give that leadership respect without opposition.

Those guys who are not ready to have sex with your girlfriends because of reason that it will be till marriage, should let your girl know your intentions before harmed, some girls will not be bold to ask for sex but be sure that could lead to probs.

Most girls dont know what they want, if you follow what they say, you heading for a bridge fall. Be the man and lead the way, women are there only to support you. Adam from the holy book will tells you.

NB: We are not saying sex is the only factor for a relationship to work, but is one of main ground fondation of relationships in this 
 21st century.

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