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6 Easy Steps to Help You Achieve Perfect Gym Style

Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret Fall 2015 Ad

Let's all face the truth here: not many of us like going to the gym just for the heck of it. The machines tend to be outdated (iPhone 4 chargers on the treadmills? No thanks), some people straight up don't clean up after themselves, and exercise, in general, is real hard work.

Still, there's one thing that has all of us fashionistas going back, and it's secondary only to the main attraction of hitting the gym in the first place (i.e., coming out with a toned-up, healthy body). The unlikely motivator? Super-cute gym clothes.

Athletic wear is a huge fashion trend right now, and it looks like it's actually here to stay. So whether you're a regular gym-goer or not, I highly suggestinvesting in some solid pieces if you even plan on stepping foot inside a gym within the next six months or so. Trust me, it's definitely worth it.

Don't know where to start? No worries, College Fashion has got you covered! Keep reading for six CF-approved steps to looking good, and feeling good, while you exercise.

1. Show off your arms in bold tank tops

Gone are the days of wearing your old high school club shirts to the gym—it's all about lively, airy tank tops nowadays.

What's great about these shirts is that they come in all sorts of colors and sizes, so there's always one for everyone. Also good? Moisture-wicking features and stretchy material designed to make you feel right at home anywhere.

2. Give your glutes a workout in cute shorts

Reduce the amount of chafing you'll get by investing in a really good pair of short shorts.

Not only are they practical and ideal for the gym, but you'll get to wear them out to other places, too (e.g., a walk to the park, heading out to class, grocery shopping) since they're already cute. Multi-purpose and eye-catching? That sounds like a good investment to me.

3. Look for support in a good sports bra

Because most gym tank tops these days have wider armpit slits and low necklines, some of your sports bra will be visible. Or, you may be the type to forgo shirts entirely when you're exercising, in which case your bra will definitely be on full display.

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Either way, buy a sports bra you can be proud of showing off. Get one that's brightly colored (and fully supportive, of course) and you can't go wrong.

4. Go all out on leg day in colorful leggings

Whether you swear by shorts or live in capris, it's crucial to own at least one pair of athletic leggings for your trips to the gym.

They tend to hug and frame your figure nicely (especially the backside, if you know what I'm saying), and they're also perfect for the colder months of the year. Also, if you haven't noticed already, most leggings have really wackyand artsy patterns, which is always a plus!

5. Cover up with a comfy hoodie

Like the athletic leggings, hoodies are an absolute must come wintertime. Wear them to the gym or out on the town: these cover-ups are just sovisually appealing that you won't mind taking them with you everywhere!

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My personal favorite is the Victoria's Secret cerulean angel hoodie, though I think any of the pieces above would do a fantastic job when you're braving windy, cold weather.

6. Step into some sweetly-cushioned running shoes

Never ever, ever underestimate the power of a well-cushioned gym shoe. These babies will help you out every time with their breathable mesh fabric, soft layers of cushy foam, and vibrant design options.

The only negative side effect? It'll make you seriously reconsider wearing any other footwear but gym shoes.


Are you a regular gym goer? What's your typical gym day outfit? Do you have any favorite athletic wear brands? Would you wear any of the pieces shown above to hit the gym? Let us know this, and more, in our comments section!

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