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Must Read: 8 Reasons Why Your Greatest Asset is Lifelong Learning

lifelong learning

An unquenchable desire to learn is one of the most powerful tools you can use to become a step closer to success. People who hate learning new things are less likely to become ‘someone’ than those who never give up on education and personal growth.

Fostering the desire to learn isn’t easy, but I’m sure the following reasons why lifelong learning is your greatest asset in life will make you fall in love with “everything” new and gain more experiences along the way.

Here are 8 reasons why lifelong learning is essential:

1. It broadens your horizons

Lifelong learners have incredibly wide horizons and they can’t quench their thirst for knowledge. They learn to do new things. They experiment. They communicate. They don’t leave the questions unanswered. They don’t dread to step out of their comfort zone and that’s what makes them greatly successful.

2. It helps you understand yourself better

Lifelong learning doesn’t only involve reading tons of books; it’s all about learning lessons from your mistakes and failures. It enables you to understand why you made those mistakes and why you failed to do something that you were totally sure you would complete successfully. Lifelong learning feeds your wisdom and boosts your success.

3. It helps you develop your natural talents

Everyone is born with certain talents and you’re no exception. When you keep developing, growing and learning the world, it’s easier for you to figure out the talents you were born with. As soon as you know what your hidden talents are, you will feel more in tune with your inner self and your overall life. Research shows that people who use their natural talents to make a living are a lot happier and more successful than those who fail to figure out what they are most talented at.
“True happiness involves the full use of one’s power and talents.” – John W. Gardner

4. Lifelong learning helps to be more adaptable

Gone are the days where people spent their lives working in one industry. Today, people who have many different skills aren’t afraid to lose a job because they’re confident that they will find another one. If you stick to one skill you possess, you’re less prepared for life changes, including job loss.

5. It helps you meet new people

We learn a lot from the people around us. The more people we know, the more new things we learn. Even lifelong introverted learners strive to get to know as many people as possible. This knowledge helps us to build strong relationships, differentiate the good and bad traits, and inspires us to improve ourselves.

6. You don’t care about the years

Age is not an obstacle to achieving goals. If you’ve ever met a lifelong learner who is 70 but keeps learning rather than waiting for death, you know how enthusiastic they are and how many goals they have. Lifelong learners don’t care about the numbers, they simply find a purpose in anything and everything they do.

7. It encourages you to take part in educational programs

If you’ve ever taken part in an educational program, you probably know how many people in the age range of 60 to 80 are involved in the program. Those are lifelong learners that still want to contribute to society and share their experiences with the younger generation. Those are wise and smart people who have spent their lives learning without a second of hesitation. Would you like to be one of them? Never give up on personal growth and take part in whatever educational program you have in the city/country.
“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.” – Isaac Asimov

8. You live a life of purpose

There are so many lost souls who have no idea why they live – I’d better say “exist”. That’s a reason for a high suicide rate worldwide. Robin Sharma once said, “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” It’s okay to feel lost at times – lifelong learners feel that way too. But, since they take an active part in making the world better, they still have a purpose. They live an enriching life full of knowledge, adventures, and different people.

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Knowledge is a power and it’s up to you to decide whether to take a full advantage of that power or give up on it. Becoming a lifelong learner isn’t a trend, it’s a calling. All you need to do is to discover that calling in yourself.
Have you committed to being a lifelong learner? Please leave your thoughts below!

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