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Must Read: How to Cope with Nagging Parents

We all love our parents but there are times that you just wish that you could use a remote control and mute their mouths from nagging. Granted, it is hard to resist the temptation of angry response to their tantrums but there are sometimes that they are just all in your face. What will you do then when you have tried all you can without any result? Lets help out.

Here are 3 sure ways to cope with a Nagging Parent.

1. Try to be Empathetic

We understand that parents can be unbearably irritable at times but have you tried putting yourself in their shoes? Can you deal with everything ranging from bills, taxes, traffic , troublesome bosses and stress they have to deal with everyday and still remain calm? You probably might be thinking “Yes its easy” but in reality it isn’t and you cannot understand until you get older and become a parent too in the future. So please see it from through their own perspective.

2. Examine Yourself:

We would be tempted to support you and take sides with you and say its all your parents fault but maybe somebody needs to check themselves and that person is YOU. No sane parent want to be a tantrum throwing, troublemaking-judgmental person, it could be that there are things they observe you do that needs correction. You might say “Yes, but they overcorrect me all the time” but the hard truth is that it is their job and responsibility. Try and adjust your ways and probably do your allotted chores at the right time and if they persist after you have done everything humanly possible then read the next tip.

3. Give them Space:

Hold your horses! We don’t mean that you should avoid them like a plague and give them endless silent treatment, all we are saying is try and study them. You have lived with them all your life and by now you should know when they are happy, stressed and moody. Approach them when they are either happy or just in the right mood and you would be ok. When they notice that you understand their mood swings you would be surprised how their conscience would prick them to become more pleasant in relating with you. You probably would say “No! not my parents” then maybe you should proceed to the next tip.

4. Discuss with them:

Probably your parents may be expecting perfection from you and want you to be that perfect child. This is where you need to have a chat with them and tell them how you feel inside and do so in a calm manner without pointing accusing fingers at them. Remember to do this when they are in good mood. How about the final tip? Lets move on.

5. Live somewhere else for while:

Sometimes you need to leave the house and go stay somewhere else for a while to clear your head. Your parents might act up and may pretend not to miss you but in reality they miss their children when they are not around. This period you are not at home will help both you and your parent to refresh and relate better when you get back. That doesn’t mean you should stay out forever , you know a little holiday here and there will do the trick.

So that’s it. Think we missed out something then leave a comment below. We are dying to read your response.

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