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Must Read: How to stop Overthinking in 10 seconds

Our minds are like a river and one thing we all know about rivers is that it continues to flow in any direction it chooses making you have no control of where it is going to flow next. Well, just imagine constructing a huge tunnel connected to this river and directing it to flow into any direction you choose. Sounds good eh?

Lets get to it .Here are 3 sure ways to instantly stop overthinking.

#1 Play some good music:

This works wonders if you do it the right way. Playing music to help stop overthinking is very good but playing the right type of music is key. Pick up a good quality headphone and play that song that gets you dancing and thinking about the good days you had in the past…you know that song that makes you lose every care in the world, Play it now!

#2 Watch a Movie:

Pick up your phone if its widescreen or turn on that big screen HD TV where you are and watch that movie you have procrastinated watching since forever. When you do this make sure you watch this movie on purpose and be SELFISH about it. Turn the volume up baby and move closer to the TV or if you are using your smart phone use that headphone like a boss and do it with purpose. If anybody is trying to interfere give them that “back off” eye sign .You need to watch that movie alone and if they don’t like it they should go and hug the nearest transformer. Sounds a little extreme but all that matters now is You. You can be nice and accommodating later.

#3 Call up Your Lover:

This is probably the best therapy ever. Pick that phone up and call your sweetheart and share how you are feeling right now. Even if words cant describe it, just open your mouth and let any word (except swear words) come out of it. Leave no emotion out and just vent mildly. By so doing you have taken it off your and putting it out there..Why? Overthinking beclouds your mind to see the solution that may not be far off.

That’s it, just follow any of these three sure methods and see how it works like charm.

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