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How To Introduces Yourself To Your Secret Lover

The way you introduce yourself to a girl can go a long way in determining how she perceives you and if she will agree to a relationship with you.

Of course, you can come back and make a good second impression but it is always way easier with making a good first impression. Making a good first impression will not only make you look like someone every girl will be lucky to meet but you’d also exude charm and confidence.

Why Should You Make A Good first Impression?

People and women in particular can tell within the first minute of meeting you if they want to have a deeper relationship with you. What this means is that you have about a minute to make a woman decide if you’re worth spending time with.

Introducing Yourself To A Girl You’re Attracted To

It is difficult to know exactly what a woman wants because they are mostly picky. The good part of this however is that women know almost immediately if they are interested in you or not. If you seem weird to them by the way you approach them, that may be the end of it.

Be Confident

Confidence is the first most important key. If you’re able to walk up to a woman and confidently introduce yourself to her, you’ve pretty much covered half of it. Every woman wants a confident man and the moment you seem like one, she will be interested.

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Showing that you’re nervous when you walk up to her will only give you up as an uninteresting person. Walk up to her with confidence and she will want to have some of it.

Engage Her Mind

Women want men that can make them think. If you walk up to her and strike up a conversation with her in a way and manner that will make her question herself, you’re definitely on the right track.

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One trick that can help you is overhearing a topic that you’re familiar with and giving her an opinion from a different angle. Walk away the minute you do this and you’d strike a chord in her mind.

Discover A Common Interest

Determining a common interest is probably the best way to introduce yourself to a woman. Show her you share something in common and her mind will probably wonder what else the two of you share in common. This is by far one of the best ways to introduce yourself to a girl.

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It basically starts off your first impression by showing her you already have something in common. It’ll make her wonder what else you two have in common.

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Look for clues such as a book she’s reading and tell her you’ve read it before and ask for her opinion. You definitely have to be honest with it of course.

Walk Away Without Telling Her Your Name

While you may think doing this defeats the purpose of introducing yourself to her, but the truth is it works. If you make small conversation with a woman you approached and walk away without introducing yourself, she’s going to want to know more about you.

Avoid Using A Pick-up Line

Using a pick-up line on a woman you’re interested in may most likely make her laugh and turn away from you. This is because they don’t make good first impressions as they have little or nothing to do with what you think about her. Avoid using them whenever possible.

Be Patient

It sometimes take women a while for them to realise that they are interested in talking to you. If you try introducing yourself and she doesn’t seem interested, walk away and exercise some patience. You might be surprised to find a Facebook message later on which is an indication that she has been thinking about you.

Be Honest

If all your subtle moves fail, being out rightly honest won’t fail you. You can simply walk up to her and tell her in plain words how you feel. Something like ” I know you’d find this weird, but I couldn’t help staring at you and I thought I’d come over to introduce myself. My name is…”

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The reason why this technique is a good one is because it allows her see how honest you are. Even though it is quite risky, it can certainly pay well.

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