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How You Can Help Your Body Fight Off Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections can be a very painful experience as it affects a number of organs including the kidneys, bladder and urethra.

The pain that comes with the infection of your urinary tract shows in the form of painful urination. In severe cases, untreated bacteria infections may result in kidney failure. So, what exactly should you do if you have a burning sensation when you urinate?

The unfortunate thing is that the only way to cure UTI’s is through antibiotics medications as a lot of other agents simply prevent the bacteria or remedy the symptoms without providing a total cure.

Furthermore, antibiotics are given alongside other drugs as complimentary options as a way of reducing the pain and symptoms which may include a burning feeling when you pee, frequent urination, pain in your lower abdomen, and ache.

If you’re thinking of ways to stop yourself from contracting UTIs or how to ease the pain of an infection, here are some things that can help you.

Take A Lot Of Fluids

Staying hydrated with fluids are an important way of keeping UTIs at bay. Increasing your water intake can help to decrease the amount of bacteria present in the bladder or urethral tissues. A reduction in the amount can be very helpful, especially if you’re the type of person prone to repeated bacteria infections.

Take A Lot Of Vitamin C

Taking vitamin C supplements or consuming them through fruits is a big way of preventing the overgrowth of bacteria because it helps to keep the pH of the urine acidic. This is especially important because the more acidic your urine is, the less likely bacteria that thrive in alkaline and neutral environments can develop in your urine.

More so, Vitamin C also help to boost your immune system and can also prevent any form of future UTIs. This vitamin is however not effective in destroying any bacteria responsible for your urinary tract infections if it had grown excessively. As such, vitamin C should be used as a Preventive measure only.

Take Some Cranberry Juice

Cranberry comes in juice and tablets and they have been found to be of important use in alleviating the symptoms of urinary tract infections such as burning sensation even though they are not curative.

Cranberry juice have the ability to make your urine more acidic and this can seriously help in reducing the chances of bacteria developing in your urinary tract. Moreover, cranberry juice also helps to increase the volume of your urine which gives your body the opportunity to flush out more bacteria from your urinary tract.

Take D-Mannose Supplement

D-Mannose is a type of sugar and it comes as supplements. It has similar activities with agents found in cranberries by making the urine more acidic. Inconclusive research has shown that D-Mannose can help to prevent bacteria from ‘sticking’ to the bladder and urethra wall, aiding their removal through urination.

Researchers are however yet to confirm this theory even though some studies have shown the effect of D-Mannose on UTIs.

Let Go Of The Sex Toys

If you enjoy getting kinky in bed and you find yourself getting urinary tract infections regularly, there’s a chance that there is a link between both. During the process of having sex, bacteria can get pushed further down your urethra tract and it may result in an infection. To avoid this, you may want to consider peeing before and after sex do as to reduce the chance of you having an infection.

Furthermore, a wide array of sexual toys may also be responsible for your constant UTIs. If you make use of sex toys well, you may want to consider staying away from vaginal sponges, diaphragms, menstrual cups, and any other sex toys if you’re prone to UTIs. Foreign bodies have the tendency to disrupt the normal pH balance in the vagina and attract unwanted bacteria.

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