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The Changes That Occur In Your Body When You Fall In Love

If we as human beings never experienced what the feeling of love is we would probably have never been able to create the beautiful and interesting things we enjoy in life. Love is a beautiful and all-consuming sensation that we get to experience in life which in turn makes us create some of the most powerful and entertaining things such as film, music, art, poetry and literature.

As a matter of fact, if we don’t feel or experience love, we most likely will be missing out on some of the most profound part of our existence as humans which will in turn make our time on earth boring. Despite how beautiful falling in love can be, it can also be confusing, funny, scary and life-changing all at the same time.

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When we fall in love, we experience happiness and ache in our hearts. there are some other subtle things and changes we experience in our bodies that can be a prove that we’ve falling in love.

You Suddenly Become Jealous

You suddenly find yourself being unnecessarily jealous especially when you see the person you’re falling fall talking to someone else who you think they can develop a romantic interest in. You Suddenly find yourself becoming overprotective of your partner and you want them to be only yours, and yours only.

You Want To Spend All Your Time With Them

No matter how much time you spend with your partner, it never seems to be enough as you just can’t get enough of spending hours on end talking with them on the phone, watching movies or simply cuddling and it is still not enough. Yet after spending that much time with them, it’s still not enough as you feel the time is short.

You Get Distracted Easily

Due to the fact that you’re almost always thinking of your partner, distractions tend to set in. Falling and staying in love can hurt your ability to concentrate and stay focused on particular tasks.

Your heart Rate Slows Down

When you fall in love, there’s a spike in the level of certain hormones in your body. Some of these hormones result in a reduction in your blood pressure levels and your heart rate. This is because you tend to have fond memories of the time you met your partner, your first kiss with them and the wonderful memories you built with them.

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No matter what the memories are, either little or large, the moments become cherished and special so much so that you remember every little detail of the time you spend with your partner.

You Begin To Forget Things

When you like someone to the stage of falling in love, the brain releases the oxytocin hormone which has often times been described as the love hormone. This hormone can impair memory and make a person more absent-minded than they normally are. If you just met someone and you find yourself becoming absent-minded of late, then you may be on your way to falling in love.

Feeling Out Of Control

Falling in love gives an involuntary and uncontrollable feeling of passion and excitement. You will most likely find yourself feeling alive and energetic as you go through every single day.

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The feeling is similar to having an adrenaline rush as you find it difficult to hide and control your excitement. This makes you feel more productive and want to take on any task you’re given.

You Talk About Your Partner Always

You find it difficult to stop talking about your partner. You just can’t help but to notice when someone says or does something that reminds you of them. Before you know it, you’re already talking about them and how good they are.

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