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5 Times It’s Totally Acceptable To Lie To Your Partner

One thing we all know and agree is that honesty is key to any healthy relationship. As a matter of fact, a lot of people value honesty above other factors such as sexual attraction, communication and commitment according to a survey conducted in the United Kingdom.

But it appears that there are times when being a little dishonesty can be good for the relationship. Even though it’s not recommended to lie to your partner, there are situations where leaving out some details can do you and your relationship a lot of good.

Here are five common lies you’d most likely have committed in your relationship and why you may want to leave out some details for the overall benefit of everyone.

1. How Attracted You Are To Someone Else

Telling your partner the truth about your attraction to someone can cause you potential losses instead of gains. If you think your partner to be someone that is overly jealous. You may want to keep your attraction to a colleague or acquaintance away from them.
If your feelings are however intense and you think it has the potential of jeopardizing your relationship, you may want to discuss it with your partner especially if you’re keen on remaining in your present relationship.

2. Your Location

If you tell your partner you’re travelling for a job or to see your parents, it had better be so except you’re willing to call it quits.

It is even more damaging if you wake up in the morning and leave the house everyday under the pretense of going to work when you’ve been laid off as this will most likely damage any trust they have in you.

It is however totally acceptable to lie to them regarding your location if you’re planning a surprise for them such as on their birthday or anniversary.

3. Your Finances

Lying about your finances may be dependent on the situation you find yourself. Withholding details of how much you earn or if you spent higher than you initially budgeted for a particular thing is very much different from refusing to tell your partner you’re neck deep in debt.

The best thing to do is to ask yourself if your lie will have a significant impact on your relationship.

Being upfront about your finances is the way to go if you both have a joint account. If you however operate separate accounts, withholding some details can be acceptable, especially if your other half appears to be a spendthrift.

4. Your Past Dates

If your partner asks you certain questions regarding your past relationships such as how your previous partner acted in bed or how they compare with them in bed, it’s totally acceptable to leave out any details you feel will make them uncomfortable.It’s better to stick to generalities and leave out the intricate details.

The questions to ask yourself is how relevant will the information be to them and if your answers will potentially cause a rift or cause a distance between the both of you in your current relationship. If your answers are positive, then go on and lie about it.

5. Infidelity

In truth, you won’t be doing yourself or your partner a favour by keeping your infidelity a secret even if it happened just once as it still has the potential to damage your relationship.

Cheating is always tricky because it always puts the relationship at stake because you would have betrayed the trust of your spouse in addition to putting their health at risk.

It’s however acceptable to admit to cheating without going into the intricate details that made you do so because doing so may send the wrong message to your partner which may ultimately lead to the end of the relationship.

Details such as when and where you had sex will not be helpful and it’s usually best you lie about such when asked. Instead, have a conversation that will be focused on making your partner understand why you were unfaithful and the impact it will have on your relationship.

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