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The Connection Between Value and Reward. The New Way of Doing Things

We want rewards. Whatever work we intend to do, we look forward to it selfishly. What’s in store for us? Doing so isn’t completely wrong. But it is not the best way to go about it. Maybe you are the owner of a business, blog or working in a cubicle – it doesn’t matter. The basic principle remains the same.

You do the work, provide immense value and then possibly you get rewarded. It isn’t quick and sometimes it will take many years to show the results and that is the point. Chasing the sweet results is the basic instinct of human beings. If you chase the reward in your first try, people will push you off.

Nobody likes to be sold. You will look like a salesman who is saying sugar-coated things only because you want something in return. It can be anything – their time, money or attention. When your potential consumer feels that way, you have lost them and remember trust is the biggest thing which is hard to earn and easy to lose. You need to make your moves keeping this in mind.

What is the right way? How to make sure you win every time you want to get something? How to make people want to get sold by you?

“The person that gives the value first has the leverage.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Give, Give and Give

Imagine you want to buy a book about personal finance. And when you walk into the bookstore, you are given a free template on how to save money which is written by a new author, free of cost.

You try it and boom you save some money. Next time you go to have a look at the personal finance book section, you are handed a planning template to automate your finance, free of cost by that same author.

You go through it and boom you have automated your money. At this point, you will be willingly happy to buy the book from that author. This is the idea on which you need to capitalize. You should give free knowledge, help or anything which people can use and keep doing it for a dedicated time. Some people would become your fans and then you can sell them the premium version.

This works because your material is already tested with the consumers and you need to just tell them that a premium package is available. They will convert by themselves. At work in a cubicle, go and help your boss every week. After some time, you can say that if you are promoted you can do much better. Seeing your past work which you did over and above your targets, your boss has already seen and tested your potential.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Teresa

Reward Cycle

The key is to give your free work and then when people reward you, deliver over and above. You need to keep pushing and working on yourself so the consumers find the desired value in your inputs.

Once you are rewarded, you would have built a connection which you can leverage again and again – given the fact you work. You need to level up to keep the momentum going. Build a loyal fan base, build a connection which you can use and build an asset to grow. Give more than you receive and you will win.

How have you seen this work in your life or business? Please leave your thoughts below!

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