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Why You Should Situp And Start Something

It is very common today to find people with great and exciting dreams and ambitions without making moves or with activities directed towards fulfilling these ambitions.

Engage anyone long enough on a heart to heart discussion these days and you will hear them confess their exact feelings towards the way they live right now and the preferred one they really wish for and want.

Truth is, many today are living for life not living their lives. How do I mean? Many people's daily actions are reactions to their situations and circumstances. Many are not deliberate or in charge of their choices and are not deciding what they really want in life. They accept whatever life throws at them and submit to the dictates of conditions and situations.

Think with me today and review your own life as is today? If it were your decision to make, would you still be in your current place of employment or you'll be in another? Would you settle for your current monthly income or you'll prefer much more? Would you still be living in your current abode or will prefer a different kind of apartment in a better neighbourhood? If you have a choice, wouldn't you want to be free to do what you want, when you want and the way you want without the fear or excess control of a boss or employer?

Your life quality and standard of living; will this be it if it was all a matter of just talking and doing nothing?

I believe too many of us are quite timid when it comes to fighting and pursuing what we really want in life. Many of us are not disciplined, determined, dogged and resilient enough to build the kind of life we want. Many of us of course know what we want, but we'll settle for less if what we really want appears to be far beyond what we're willing to sacrifice.

That's why we most times, instead of taking responsibility, we prefer to showcase excuses and point fingers at people and circumstances that appear to pose as obstacles to attaining our desired goals in life.

You see, if you focus on external forces, people, situation and developments as what can make you or stop you in life, you're not likely to go very far. All you need to become super successful and great reside on the inside of you. Back to back victory over challenges, obstacles and limitations is a product of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. You need to transfer attention from the outside world to within yourself and work hard daily to enhance what you know, what you understand and how wise you are.

There is no problem without a solution in this world, any problem you cannot solve is a reflection of your limited knowledge and understanding of the problem. What you don't understand, you can't control, contain or tame including poverty, oppression or deprivation. The poor are poor not because there's no money or resources around but because they lack understanding in financial access.

My dear friend, please do not give up on your dreams, ambition and desires in life, I assure you it is still possible to achieve all you desire and become all that you want in this life.

Complaining and lamenting over perceived oppression, domination and control by anybody, any ethnic group, political party or religious movement is a confession that you are weaker than they are. Instead of dissipating energy in complaining, revolting, lamenting and crying, why not focus on building yourself in capacity, ability, value, wisdom and strategy and with all these overcome your perceived oppressors. Nothing can stop or limit a glory ready for revelation. The world, including your enemies bow to superior answers.

In the jungle, a weaker animal will forever remain a play thing in the hands of a stronger animal until the weaker animal grows and becomes as strong as, or even stronger than the oppressor.

Ladies and gentlemen, my challenge to you today is to minimise your talking, complaining, lamenting and nagging about the issues in your life, it is time to do something about them. If there's anything in and about your life you do not like, don't just complain about it, do something about it. You can either change it, solve it, outgrow it, defeat it or walk away from it. Stop talking, stop telling everyone how cruel life has been, how unfair people have been and how terrible our economy currently is, we all know. Channel all that energy towards finding solution and answers for yourself, if you can't find it within you, get help. Look for, and connect with people that have surmounted similar challenges in time past and be humble enough to learn from them.

Don't disqualify your helpers and real supporters in life on the account of age, gender, ethnicity, religion or social orientation. Life can use anything or anyone to help you. However, your real first help is within you. What can you do? What do you want? How do you start, where do you start, with what do you start; with who do you start? Perhaps it's time you change your thinking pattern and engage in productive reasoning.

I think it's high time you focus on what is personally useful, rewarding and progressive for you.

You may just be surprised many people you believe are like you, who are always complaining, lamenting, blaming everyone and crying over the tough economic situations will before the year runs out, buy new cars, build houses, sponsor their wards to great schools, travel on exotic vacations and host juicy jaw dropping parties and nothing fantastic will be happening in your own life.

Don't let anyone play you my dear friend, they may not tell you but many people are finding personal, practical solutions to their challenges, if you're doing nothing but only complaining, you may be way behind others before you know it, dear friend, I think more than the talk, it's time we begin to do something individually to progress and excel in life, ladies and gentlemen, DO SOMETHING.

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