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5 Things Working While Going to School Will Teach You

As college tuition fees increase, so does the number of working students. Most of us worked our way through college for financial reasons, and a lot of people would agree when I say working while studying entails numerous sacrifices and tons of stress. And when you’re unable to cope, anxiety and depression set in.

However, beyond these sufferings are valuable life lessons for personal growth essential for a better and brighter future. It’s sad that some people miss this aspect that instead of fixing their eyes on the finish line, they keep on staring at their miserable current state.

If you’re a working student, or a parent of one, a high school graduate, or perhaps a proud graduate kissing his working student days goodbye, I hope the following lessons could boost your morale, ignite the flickering flame of enthusiasm and develop admirable qualities that will catapult you to success.

1. It Promotes Maturity

Being employed is not at all doing household chores where you can just slack off when you don’t feel like it. Having someone pay you in exchange for your service urges you to develop a sense of responsibility and initiative.

Getting along with your co-workers is vital for a productive working day. Strife is inevitable in any workplace, so dealing with it in a civil manner is key to maintain harmony. Exposing yourself to various workplace environments and people gives you more opportunities for emotional and psychological growth. When you start establishing your career, you’ll be better at handling and dealing with people in any setting.

2. It Urges Professionalism

It’s an unwritten rule that once you’re employed, you already have a sense of professionalism. Punctuality is imperative – a matter of self-discipline that should be firmly embedded in your system. Burn outs are to watch out for. With all the subjects to pass, papers to submit and obligations to comply with, it’s not impossible to get one.

However, being professional means sticking to your commitment despite the threats of laziness and extinguished enthusiasm. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of things with proper guidance and sheer will-power.

In addition, working at an early age teaches us to be level-headed when corrected or reprimanded. You won’t always be favored in the workplace, and a few times, you’ll commit grave mistakes. A professional takes such criticism constructively, seeing them as a part of his imperfections that can be worked on.
“Being a professional is doing the things you love to do, on the days you don’t feel like doing them.” – David Halberstam

3. It Aids in Setting Clearer Priorities

Once you get a lot of things on your plate, you have to take them on through wise time management and by setting clear priorities. Budgeting money is just as integral a part of this important aspect because you work for your needs in the first place. You need allowance and you have a costly tuition fee to think about. Once you’ve established clear goals and priorities, it’s easier to keep your focus.

I know it’s never easy as we get distracted and swayed. Again, it takes self-discipline to overcome. Every resource (esp. time, money and energy) is precious, so don’t ever waste them on your whims and vanities. Just hold on to this truth: there’s always time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.

4. It Instills A Greater Sense of Self-Love

Working and studying at the same time should force us to maintain the balance between our dreams and our health. Health is indispensable if you want to keep up with your tight daily schedule. Stress drains and urges you to eat unhealthy food.

Experts always say we replenish and get rid of toxins that could possibly make us sick or acquire serious health conditions. A strong immune system is our only armor. We can only function with functional bodies. What’s the use of sweet success when your body is crippled with health problems?
“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” – Joyce Meyer

5. It Endows A Greater Sense of Fulfillment

My college graduation day was the sweetest day of my life. I savored every moment. I treasured and cherished everything about it: my diploma, my regalia, the pictures, etc. Recalling my tumultuous journey only empowered me as a woman and as a person, ready to face whatever challenges that await me.

The fruits of my labor made all the hardships worth it. I’ve never felt more fulfilled in my entire life. The moment we were declared graduates of our respective courses, I could feel massive waves of renewed passion to chase my dreams.

While it is true that working while studying is a growing trend, it’s not something every college student should dread. Just think about it as on the job training, but you’re just hitting two birds with one stone. Think of the gains you’ll make with the experience and of course, the cash. Let it mold you into the great person you ought to become.
Did you work while going to school? How did it help you succeed? Leave your thoughts below!

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