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(Sponsored Article) Aspiration of nkoli coming into being. (Story)

Titled: Aspiration of Nkoli coming into being.

Author: Nzubechukwu Joel [Whilzz]

In a long time hosted story, there lived a young sculptor named nkoli, she was the finest among her kind. She lived in the village called biafra. Her sculpture works was been inherited by her, through her late parents and she was the best maker of sculpture works among the village of biafra and other neighboring villages. She was popular with her great natural artworks. So many kind of men in the village of biafra and other neighboring villagers, had come several times for her hand in marriage. And all was turned down with rejection. Because nkoli never had the desire to get married to any man at all, because she was fully fortified with her sculpture works. She was beautiful to the extent when she pass by every man or a woman born by a woman must aspire at her beauty.

Nzebunachi was the uncle of nkoli. And was a husband to two[2] wives and a father to three[3] child. He was the legendary farmer, ever known in the village of biafra. He has always been commended/known by his senior brother, the late father of Nkoli and also people of biafra, with his ace farming skills. And at the season/time he harvested his crops, he would apparently take some crops to Nkoli and equally eat some eye charming onugbu soup[bitter leaf soup]. After a while of eating the eye charming onugbu soup, nzebunachi would benevolently compliment her for her cooking, "ooh nkoli, you are a cook just like your late mother, oh! I wish she was still alive". After he spoke this, nkoli busted into tears and nzebunachi consoled her as she cried. Because when the father of nkoli lately relocated into the spirit world, he promised him he would do anything in his able power and ability to take care of her. And to make sure that nkoli Would carry on with his good reputations of his sculpture works. However, since then his senior brother died, he has always kept his promise politely.

So one day, on a wonderful shining sun light. Nkoli was hankered, to create another artwork [sculpture]. Like the shape/form of an animal called agu [lion] in the village of biafra, but later changed her mind, on the desire of another shape/form of making a mans structural whole being. Because through out the beginning of her artworks [sculpture], she was always in the making of animal, animal, and animal, nothing less than animal's. But later recognized and began to have a clue on making or creating something different.

Nkoli was headed to the market of nkwo", to get some of the materials needed for the sculpture work. When she got to the market of nkwo, she was been stared like a total stranger, that came out from no where. And also as she moved, the men around the market of nkwo wondered at her beauty. Then she started feeling a little nervous, but never minded, and she quickly bought the materials needed for the sculpture work and also kindly took her leave. When she got to her beautiful hut, it was already late. She now decided to accomplish her mission of creating a man structure she couldn't accomplish that particular day, the next day.

The night came and vanished, and the morning took over. Nkoli at the right side in the front of her beautiful hut gathering the materials needed for the art work. And people passing by waited and watched with consciousness, on what she was about to make this time. As she brought the stone and other materials needed for the structure work, in the making she made the sculptural work huge and beautiful. As time may have it, she was customary through with the artwork. To the astonishment of people watching and people passing by was an eye celebration, of her making the structure of a man. Some of the people wanted to buy it immediately, but nkoli said it was not for sell. There comes the chief priest called "the eyes of the god's", was heading to the shrine of ayiawu. And was wowed to new creative of her sculpture work. ”My daughter, you have been chosen and blessed by the god's of our land, to make a beautiful and unique sculptures, so as to make us appreciate the works of nature", said by the chief priest. After the chief priests compliment, nkoli quickly appreciated him and he continued his journey to the shrine of ayiawu. And there comes Nzebunachi and was also wowed to her creativity. However, he also complimented her, for her continuously great did. Nkoli also appreciated him also. The more people complimented her, the more she liked and admired her newly sculpture work. And would desire that it come into being.

As the day goes by, nkoli fully developed a very great feeling [falling in love] for her newly sculpture work, but people thought she was crazy of her having such unrealistic feelings. Then nkoli decided to, go to the shrine of ayiawu. When she got to the shrine, she made a wish concerning the fact that she want her newly sculpture work she made to come into being. After making a wish, then she decided to branch at the market of nkwo to buy some food stuff's, before relocating to her beautiful hut. As she quickly bought her food stuff's, without anybody noticing her. And also she quickly relocated to her idyllic hut with excitement. To the surprise of hers, she saw an idol being, her newly created sculpture work. And she started to make an excitement noise, that attracted the people of biafra village. As the people of biafra gathered, to know the reason why she was shouting. To their own amazement, they saw the same sculpture work made by nkoli is now talking, walking and nkoli wasted no time and gave it a name called chuka. Some fainted, while the rest gazed their eyes like it would falloff. Nkoli also wasted no time and they got married. As their marriage may have it, nkoli gave birth to a boy and chuka her husband the sculpture work made by nkoli, became the greatest history hunter in the village of biafra.

By Nzubechukwu Joel [Whilzz]

Copyright 2017 @ Nzubechukwu Joel [Whilzz]

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