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What To Do When Your Girlfriend Tells You She Want A Break

While no two relationships are exactly the same, there are things you can deduce when your girlfriend decides to tell you out of the blue that she wants a break. There would be times as a couple that you need to spend time apart as a way of considering the things that matter to you individually.

Your girlfriend requesting for a break however, doesn’t necessarily mean that she has broken up with you as sometimes, it may simply mean she just wants to spend time apart from you.

Some men however believe that when their girlfriend requests for a break, she wants to eat her cake and have it, while other believe that doing so can make their relationship stronger than before. If you’re one of those men that finds themselves in a similar situation, here are a number of things to do if she tells you “I think I need space.”

#See It As A Blessing In Disguise

Researches conducted in the United States found out that about one in 10 people in a relationship said they felt frustrated when they didn’t get enough alone time. More so, as much as one-third of 1,000 coupled up adults that took part in a research that analysed the frustrations couples experienced in relationships said taking time to bond with their friends made them happier in a relationship.

What this means is that instead of you to spend time moping around because she requested for to see less of you and more of her girls, let her do her thing. When your girlfriend feels like she has her life back, only then can she share it with you, too.

#Do Your Own Thing During The Break

According to a report published in Psychology Today, relationships and marriages are beneficial for the people involved when spouses have time for themselves to pursue their own interests or simply relax.

Research has also found that “personal time allows us to maintain our individual identities, provides opportunities to do things we like to do, and let’s us feel like we have some control over our lives.”

As such, if your girlfriend requests for alone time, see it as a way through which she wants to keep the relationship fresh and less stressful. See the time off as an opportunity for you to explore the things that you like to do too such as meeting new friends, hitting the gym or hanging out with your friends.

#Think About The Future Of Your Relationship

If you’re able to respect her wish and allow her the space she so desires without being clingy to each other, chances are she may just start to see that she misses you the same way you miss her.

Who knows, there may be a chance that your girlfriend didn’t know that she would miss you that much or you didn’t realise that you actually needed a break from her too at the time. Think about how great the sex will be when you finally decide to get back together. And you may just realise that the break and time apart is entirely worth it.

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