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5 Simple Ways to Love Yourself More(Self Love)

Growing up, I was always told to love my family and friends and how important this was because of how short life was. I did this for years but always felt empty when it came to loving myself. I was so concerned and focused on everyone else, that I had no clue who I was as a person. If you are reading this, I am sure that many of you can relate.

Throughout your childhood, when did someone ever stop you and say “How much do you love yourself?” Probably never. This is an uncommon question to ask because of our conditioned ways of focusing outwards instead of inwards. I have realized that when I started to make the shift in my own life, everything around me changed.

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I suddenly started to attract the right friendships, relationships, and opportunities that would help elevate me as the woman that I wanted to become in the world. It was an amazing transformation. For the first time in my life, I started to love myself. I want to see more people around the world who love themselves unconditionally and fully appreciate who they are as human beings.

You deserve the love that you have been giving everyone else. Below, are five steps on how to start loving yourself today:

1. Take care of your thoughts

There are so many thoughts that filter through our mind each day that It is extremely difficult to regulate each one of them. However, it is easy to become aware of when we are thinking in a negative way and immediately switch it so that we are only thinking nourishing thoughts.

How do we do this? Whenever you catch yourself doubting yourself, having fear, or thinking more of a problem than a solution, stop yourself and take a couple of breaths. Remind yourself how amazing you are and begin to visualize the person you want to become.

Ask yourself: How would I act if I no longer let my thoughts sabotage me? Visualize this for a moment. Once you do, record who you see yourself being and how you feel in this state of being.

2. Tell your dreams and goals to people that are on the same journey

A lot of us immediately share our dreams and goals with family members whenever we are working on something exciting. It makes sense to do so since they have witnessed most of our accomplishments throughout life.

They have been there all along and will always be our biggest supporters, right? This is not entirely the case as there comes a day when the support will become limited when you take a different path than the rest of your family.

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I have learned that when you are excited about a huge vision, many will start to doubt your abilities, and may even try to convince you that what you may be doing will never work. Be very careful when hearing any limiting beliefs that someone else may be carrying around. Without even realizing, their limiting beliefs may enter our subconscious mind which will then result in questioning our own abilities.

“Expect while reaching for the stars, people to whirl by with their dark clouds and storm upon you.” – Anthony Liccione

3. Always listen to your Intuition

Have you ever made a decision that completely went against your intuition? I know I have and it was no fun. Plus, when this happens, we spend countless time replaying a situation in our mind that no longer serves us. Our intuition is always speaking to us, whether we are making a business decision, making a new friend, or deciding to move somewhere new, our intuition is guiding us in the right direction.

If for some reason, something doesn’t feel right, and you are feeling knots in your stomach, this is your intuition trying to communicate with you. Pay close attention to what it is saying, and never second guess it! It is there to help you out! The best part about our intuition is that we all have one and have access to it at any moment.

4. Set healthy boundaries

It is important to set healthy boundaries within your relationships and daily interactions, but how? We do this by setting a standard of respect and supporting through our actions the things which make us happy. If you find yourself in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, it is perfectly fine to leave.

It is also okay to let go of toxic relationships with friends, family, and others that are not bringing any value into your life. For me personally, this was extremely difficult. I used to think that because I was related to someone, that I was automatically obligated to let them be a part of my life. Some of these relationships consistently drained my energy, and I always felt so tired.

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I still tolerated these individuals and maintained these unhealthy relationships because I felt that I had to. Anytime you feel that you “have to” do something instead of “want to” do something, you will find yourself very unhappy. Life is too short to be unhappy. You deserve all of the happiness that this world has to offer.

“Boundaries are a part of self-care. They are healthy, normal and necessary.” – Doreen Virtue

5. Self-Reflect on who you are becoming

Each night before bed, reflect on your day and keep a journal on how you made decisions, carried yourself, and interacted with others. Become aware of your notes and work on anything that needs improvement and celebrate any accomplishments.  Imagine yourself six months from now. Who are you? How do you behave, carry yourself, and interact with others?  Who do you want to be in the next six months?  Write this down and have fun!

How do you practice self love? Please comment below and let us know!

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