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10 Ways to Get Serious About Your Success

This month, get serious about your performance. Increase the quality of your decisions, your ideas and anything else that directly affects your success.

1. Get real.

Improving your life and your future begins with understanding what really matters. Does your life reflect the person you want to be? Are you truly living out your purpose?

2. Speak truth.

Relying on your gut isn’t always the smartest route. To ensure you’re choosing the rational option, pretend you’re giving advice to a friend, which allows you to separate emotion from fact.

3. Time out.

Racing against a deadline and having trouble focusing? Carve out time without distractions and immerse yourself in the material to prompt creativity in a flash.

4. Keep it short.

Life is difficult; that never changes. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, allot yourself 24 hours to feel bad, and then charge ahead with a new plan of action.

5. Above average.

Stop comparing yourself to those around you. Their stories are uniquely theirs. Surround yourself with positive relationships and happiness will find you.

6. Live with purpose.

Every moment of your day is an opportunity to be better than the moment before. Begin each morning with an intentional plan to have the best day ever.

7. Use it wisely.

We only have a limited amount of energy every day. Are you directing your energy toward things that move you forward or hold you back?

8. Visualize.

Goals are only ideas until you clarify what you want. Write down, in detail, where you see yourself in a year and how to get there.

9. Take charge.

Your office might be negative, but your happiness is up to you. Don’t wait around for the culture to change; implement small mood-boosting habits to keep your spirits high.

10. Get out.

Your lunch break is an opportunity to learn something new. Take that precious time and fill it with a new podcast, a new art gallery or that flower garden you want to start.

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