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Pick Up These 6 ‘Me’ Habits to Be a Better You

Success comes when people turn what they've learned into the daily habits that breed success.

Daily habits are the key to success. People have no control over the weather, world politics and similar circumstances. But we control ourselves and our habits, rituals and routines.

All habits can be categorized with the four cornerstones of Me, We, Do and Be. “Me” habits improve our mindsets. “We” habits build relationships. “Do” habits focus on health and money. “Be” habits include goal-setting and time management.

Here are some of the most effective Me habits:

1. Fly straight.

People most prize honesty above all other Me habits.

°Start with a boost in integrity.

2. Just let it go.

Yelling at lousy drivers is a bad idea. Those who just “let it go” tend to be twice as happy and wealthy as those who don’t.

° Be grateful for the little things instead.

3. Don’t sweat it.

In a word-frequency analysis, “worrying too much” ranked No. 1 as the worst Me habit.

The end of worry is where happiness begins.

4. Read.

People who read seven or more books per year are more than 122 percent likelier to be millionaires than those who read three or fewer. Also, those who read inspirational works are up to 14.1 percent happier.

° Start with these timeless classics.

5. Get smart.

The lack of an advanced education ranked as the all-time top regret. Those with advanced degrees are far more likely to build wealth. Those with a degree dominate in all categories of income exceeding $50,000 per year.

° No matter what, never stop learning.

6. Know yourself.

Schedule time for solitude. Those who do are 51.8 percent happier and 92.3 percent likelier to have an advanced college degree.

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