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How Failure Can Lead To Success

Mankind is an extremely power force on earth. Human beings are extremely powerful and the extent to which they can improve, enhance and transform this life is yet to be comprehended. 

Every human being has limitless powers to do, create, produce, invent and transform anything in this life and this definitely and absolutely includes you. There is nothing you can’t accomplish or achieve if you will and you know how.

Many of us today keep enduring less than average lives and are suffering so much in the midst of abundant potentials for wealth, power, influence, creativity and global dominion carried within each one of us.

We all have very great potentials to reveal individual, unique and uncommon glory, but unfortunately, most of us have settled for a life of smallness, mediocrity, dependency and timidity.

We have become very afraid, afraid of what? We have become very afraid of ourselves.

Looking back over our lives, and this of course applies to most of us, we’ve made so many mistakes – some quite major and we have very deep regrets regarding these mistakes. We’ve also experienced untold pain, embarrassment, shame and loss as consequences.
All these experiences and painful memories unfortunately have served as limitations, restrictions, boundaries and heavy chain balls, stopping us from progressing confidently and purposefully into our very glorious lives and exciting future according to predestination.

The pain, shame, disappointment and embarrassment of the past have become our self-imposed prisons. Though physically we feel free and we boast of physical freedom, truth is most of us have our souls locked up in invisible emotional and psychological cells based on mistakes and regrets from our past.

This incarceration is self-imposed, we are our own jailers, no one but ourselves have the keys to the lock of these personal cells and very many of us are too afraid to attempt freedom, this is because we think coming out of our prisons will again expose us and make us vulnerable to fresh errors leading to criticism, pain, shame, embarrassment and disgrace from our loved ones, communities and the society.

Dear friend, I have news for you, we all have weaknesses and very great strengths as human beings. No one is perfect, flawless and sinless. We all have bad habits, serious weaknesses and embarrassing tendencies. Alongside all these are also our strengths, power for creativity, innovation, leadership, love and compassion. We are all a combination of the good, the bad and the very embarrassing. Greatness and failure co-exist within each one of us, the one you trigger however, is the one you manifest.

Because of stigma, labeling, widespread criticism and judging by family, friends, loved ones and the society, we felt ashamed and disappointed in ourselves. We became quiet, hidden, discrete, detached, and innocuous in life; ignoring our potentials for glory and greatness.

We gave up on our true power and potentials and became common, weak, irrelevant and just another ordinary Nigerian with no significance or value to ourselves or the society. Our weakness sentenced us to a lifetime of failure, irrelevance, insignificance and smallness.

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe its time you set yourself free. Your shameful past, hurtful past, painful past and disgraceful past shouldn’t be powerful enough to relegate the rest of your life and destiny to nothingness. Why should one bad incidence destroy a lifetime of potential glory and greatness? Why should you let judgmental people, wicked critics with weaknesses of their own make you feel disqualified from a glorious life?

Yes you did wrong, you made a terrible mistake, you miscalculated; you did it all wrong but hey, wake up and get out of that prison of past failure – you still have greatness and glory in you!

So your marriage failed, so what, it’s time to try again or if you feel marriage is not for you, move on with your purpose and live a fabulous great life. So you lost your job, failed in business, failed an exam, dropped out of school, destroyed a beautiful love affair, hooked on drugs, prostitution or joined a bad gang? You still have greatness in you my dear friend!

Dear friend, my counsel is this, the worst of your critics and judges have secret struggles too. Hence, don’t ever make yourself a victim of their judgements. You’re only permitted to be ashamed if all your critics and judges have perfect lives and have no weaknesses whatsoever, otherwise, we are all the same struggling and weak human beings with no one superior to another in morality, virtue or right standing.

What then should be your disposition? Ignore what the people are thinking and take personal responsibility for your weaknesses, failures and shameful habits. It’s time to work on yourself, work on that weakness, deal with it, and overcome it. Don’t try to become better to impress anyone, try to become better to advance your own life and achieve good success. Try to become good for your own good not for anyone’s sakes.

Your life is absolutely your business. When you live to impress people you cover up your weaknesses, you cover up your sins and pretend to be what you’re really not, and in this life, he that covers up his sins cannot prosper.

Unfortunately the society even moral and religious institutions indirectly encourage us to cover up our sins to be fully accepted, loved and recognized. No one gets better this way.

Dear friend, your life is great, beautiful and glorious and your weakness cannot stop you unless and until you let it. Convert your failures into strengths, ignore your critics and judges; be good for your own good and for your own self. Love you and be patient with you. Come on, get out of that self-imposed prison and manifest great glory. The whole creating, eagerly awaits the glory you carry, don’t let your personal weaknesses or terrible critics stop you, it’s time to manifest. Become confident, courageous and strong, learn to ignore and avoid those who refuse to forget your painful past. Let your glorious destiny burst forth! Come on, Get out of that prison.

How Failure Can Lead To Success

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