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One of the most powerful laws in life is the law of sowing and reaping. Sowing and reaping is the key to productivity, increase and continuity.

For anything to remain alive, relevant and progressive, the law of sowing and reaping must be applied.

Every single plant continues to exist on the account of planting its seed in the right environment and soil and after a while, Mother Nature will see to its growth, development and the ability to yield fruits and seeds after its own kind as well. The seed from this new plant is subsequently plant as well in the right environment and soil, hence it will after a while grow, bear fruits and produce seeds after its kind.

The law of sowing and reaping is the key to multiplication. It’s a powerful, universal and basic law.

Mankind for many years now have also realized this law of sowing and reaping does not only apply in physical reproduction but also in behavioral concepts. The law of karma is simply about sowing and reaping. It means whatever you do, there are repercussions. It’s also expressed in the law of cause and effect, and the law of action and reaction. It means everything we do is a seed with the potential for growth and reward either positive or negative.

Having this in mind and being conscious of the efficacy of this law, it simply means your success, prosperity, increase and wealth creation has its powers in the law of sowing and reaping. The law makes clear that whatsoever a man sows, same shall he reap. Two words are powerful here, first is WHATSOEVER, the second is SAME!

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Paying attention to the word WHATSOEVER makes very clear the fact that there is no restriction or limitation to what has the power or potential to grow. Anything and everything can grow. Everything you sow will return to you, everything you do will return to you, either good, bad or ugly. WHATSOEVER is WHATSOEVER! This powerful realization could simply be a pointer to the fact that perhaps most of our problems and difficulties in life today, are not incidences or coincidences but repercussions, consequences and harvest of everything in every way! It throws light on the fact that as humans, we consequently experience anything we do or release into a very fertile world either good or bad.

The second powerful word is the word SAME. SAME is SAME. Looking at the law of sowing and reaping from the physical perspective, you naturally expect harvest on the exact kind of seeds you sow, not a different type. This is scary in that it could imply anything you’re doing today especially the bad, wicked and evil ones are waiting for you in your future! Perhaps if you really check your past, a year ago, ten years ago, 20 years ago, you did something to someone or you caused someone to experience that, which has now returned to you and you’re currently experiencing. If not you, perhaps your parents or grandparents did it. Please be aware, DNA is recognized by Mother Nature, hence if the sowing and reaping season, growth and maturity period for anything done by your parents or grandparents is much longer than their lifespan, Mother Nature will return it to you as their offspring – as a carrier of their DNA through DNA recognition. This is because the dead can’t reap. This I believe should naturally put an end to the question of God why me?

A little over a year ago, when these powerful words, whatsoever and same jumped at me when I was studying, I then realized all I had or was experiencing in my life were consequences and returns on the kind of seed I was mostly sowing.

I then began to think back and realized with excitement that it was the truth!

Perhaps there are some of you out there questioning right now, the efficacy of this law in your lives. You’re perhaps wondering why you’ve sown so much in cash and material things, kindness and good gestures yet have little or nothing to show.

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If you want this law to work for you, there are three key factors you need to consider. These are common sense factors many have ignored. I call them common sense factors because it applies to the obvious law of sowing natural grains or seeds too. They are as follows:

1. Sow what you want to reap.

Many of us don’t really think about this. It is what you sow, that you will reap, not what you expect. If you want clothes, sow clothes, if you want food, sow food, if you want good health, sow medication. If you want knowledge, teach others, pay school fees, buy books, sponsor students; donate to schools, earning centers and award scholarships. If you want something, don’t just sow cash, Money is not a seed, money is a spirit; the spirit of money powers the law of sowing, reaping and increase. If you sow cash, you can’t reap cash, money itself lacks the capacity for growth; it only fuels growth. Fertilizers don’t grow, they fuel growth. It is actually what you put the cash into that will return to you. Let me make this clear, if you want to reap tomatoes, you don’t sow just fertilizer, you purchase tomato seeds with cash and sow tomato seeds, or you invest that money in existing tomato farm business to harvest tomato. Sow what you want to reap or sow into what you want to reap.

2. Your seed quality 

The quality of your seed is simply about its source. If the money used to purchase what you want to sow is stolen or diverted for example, you will ultimately harvest the problem that money was meant to solve in the first place. Bad seeds yield bad harvest. If you steal, embezzle or divert money meant to purchase drugs for people in the hospital for example, no matter where you sow it into, even if it is a religious project, your ultimate harvest will be sickness and disease. The power of SAME is in the seed not in the soil. 

3. Now let’s talk about Your soil

The soil you sow a seed into is very important. A good seed will never grow in a bad soil. A fertile soil is necessary for good growth and bountiful harvest. I’ve heard many people say stuff like I’m not bothered about what they use the money for, God sees my heart that I’ve given, how foolish. How can a farmer or sower not care about the soil, how can a good sower not mind if the seeds fall by the way side, on the rock, amongst thorns or on good ground? Many remain pathetically broke today wasting their good seeds in bad soils. The best soil ever, recognized by humanity and divinity with the capacity to yield in hundreds of fold, is in the lives of orphans, widows, the poor, the hungry, the sick, the displaced, the homeless and less privileged. That’s why billionaires all over the world donate to charity, they understand and respect the law! It makes them wealthier!

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Let me shock you with this secret, to become a multi-millionaire or even a billionaire in this life, you don’t work for it, you can’t even work hard enough for it, you don’t have the required energy and time to achieve this feat, to become one, you sow for it.

Every activity we carryout daily is a form of seed we’re sowing in one way or another and we shall consequently reap everything in one way or another. Dear friend, Sow wisely.

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