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Why You Need To Say Yes To Your Life In 2018

Everyone is ambitious, but not everyone pursues their ambition. We all have desires, we love the good things of life. We want to be wealthy, we want to be comfortable, we want to be healthy, we want to be happy, and want to be satisfied.

As we run through life daily, matters do arise and situations develop that frustrate our desires and ambitions. The good things we want in our lives sometimes are far removed from us and the bad things we do not want seems to find their way into our lives. This leaves many unhappy, grumpy, sad and full of frustration.

Yes, life can be tough and challenging, life can be dynamic and unpredictable; life is sure full of surprises and things not bargained for can happen suddenly and throw you off balance in life. However, many of the incidences and challenges we encounter in life I assure you are expected ends we decided to ignore based on lack of will to negate or mitigate such negative consequences.

Many of us do not want to do the needful, either out of fear, insecurity, attachment to zones, apathy, lack of ability, or just laziness.

Life plays out in trends, you could almost guess how things would end up in most circumstances. The law of sowing and reaping is sure and the consequences of most actions are very clear from the start.

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For example, you’re a young family, perhaps 3 to 5 years in marriage and you have 2 lovely children. You know these children are growing and you know one day you may want a third child and they would all begin to attend school and progress higher until they are at various universities.

You know you’ll need to feed them, accommodate them, clothe them and nurture them. You know all these would require a lot of money, You know you’ll also one day, wish to build a house of your own, you’ll need to keep replacing your cars as they age, you know you’ll need to grow your income steadily to at least, match if not exceed the inflation rate, all these you know certainly, but today you’re doing absolutely nothing to ensure you wouldn’t be in financial crisis in another 10 years.

You are employed somewhere, yes you have a job, but realistic thinking should question the possibility of this employment increasing your salary regularly such that your income will consistently surpass your growing responsibilities and liabilities. In 10 years, can you afford to own a house of your own, replace your cars, pay school fees in good schools, feed well, clothe well, maintain your wellness and enjoy financial abundance? With your current employment? Will your current employment deliver this dream and wishes or all you do is hope? Dear friend, hope is not a strategy.

Truth is somewhere in your mind you’re probably unsure of your future, you know you’re not in control, you know anything can happen, you could lose your job and in fact you’re not even in charge of how frequently you get promoted. The politics could work against you despite your hard work.

But instead of sitting down, thinking through, putting plans in place and activating progressive agendas, many of us prefer to just pray. We choose to believe we’re powerless and only God can do it. We prefer to ask him to do for us what he’s given us the mind and common sense to do for ourselves, hence religion has become a beautiful excuse for laziness, lack of will and the desperation to hold on to our current comfort zone.

When consequently, the natural repercussions for not planning, pursuing and apprehending the needful occurs in our lives, we look for who to blame and who’s made us victims.

Dear friends, you know you do not have enough knowledge, skills, capacity and qualification to earn the income you need in five years, yet you do nothing.

You know your kids are growing and the bills are climbing, yet you do nothing. You know your habits are killing you slowly and you’re toying with your health and wellbeing, yet you keep indulging. You know your current place of employment can’t possibly deliver a future of essential comfort and financial adequacies for you, yet you remain there as no one is stressing your life there.

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Ambition is good; you want a good house, you want a good car, you want lovely children, you want to be healthy, you want to achieve your dreams, you want to be successful, you want to be relevant, great, influential and you want your life to mean something to someone. Yes, these are great and valid dreams, but if you do nothing, you will achieve nothing.

It is one thing to desire something, it is another level to commit to apprehending it. Saying “I do” does not guarantee a successful marriage without the required commitment, patience, tolerance and perseverance. You must work for it to work. Such are the issues of ambition as well, you must work at your ambition, desires and goals in order for them to show up in your life and in good time too.

It’s time to say yes to necessary knowledge, it’s time to say yes to necessary skills, it’s time to say yes to necessary relationships and connections, it’s time to say yes to personal development and continuous improvement, it’s time to say yes to financial literacy, its time you commit to all these and many more things required for your great life.

Procrastination is not just the thief of time, it’s the thief of dreams, goals, glory, happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment. Procrastination is the thief of life.

Dear friend, how old are you? Is this all your life is worth? Is this all your life is about at this age? What’s your dream? How realizable are they? Do you have what it takes? What’s that new thing you want to learn? What’s the new knowledge you need to acquire?

Don’t you think you need to begin to follow and associate with people who would constitute a positive influence in your life and make you grow? Who are your friends? What’s their life like? What’s their achievements in life? Are you keeping company and spending so much time with people who probably have nothing significant to add to you except jesting, gist and entertainment?

Dear friend, many today due to ignorance think success is impossible without theft or corruption. They think you can’t be rich until you steal, you can’t be successful until you swindle someone or steal from your employer. This mindset is a clear reflection of how ignorant these people are. Are these people your kind of friends and associates?

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Are you hanging with people who lack creativity, ideas, initiatives, depth and capacity to birth great dreams yet want the good things of life?

These kind of people are setting you up for a life of turmoil, stress and torment, I tell you. When you steal, the first thing you lose is your peace and your new companion is the spirit of fear.

Hence every time your boss sends for you, you’re afraid, when you get a mail from accounts, you’re afraid, the spirit of fear and torment will keep telling you someone has found you out and very soon you’ll be fired and arrested or disgraced. Your peace disappears, your torment commences when you steal, is it worth it?

It’s time to say yes and commit to legitimacy, and the blessings that’ll make you rich without sorrow and torment will be yours. Learn a skill, learn a business, improve yourself, avoid evil company, attach yourself to progressive and honest people, vacate that dangerous comfort zone, arise and pay the price for a future of peace and comfort, make the sacrifice, work while it is still day as nighttime comes over every man when it’s difficult to work. Dear friend, say yes today!

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