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Why You Need To Concentrate On Your Life

Life can be very confusing if you don’t concentrate on your game. There are too many external detractors and internal distractions.

As you wake up daily there are too many people, things, situations and dynamics prevailing on you to review your plans, your ambition, your trajectory and even current status. People appear to disagree either overtly or covertly with you over your unique and unusual dream and ambition. No one they know has ever done what you intend to do before so they doubt if you’ll succeed. They also know you well, they’d think. They are familiar with you well enough, and with the “you” they know, you basically lack what it requires to become very successful at what you intend doing. They judge you by a vivid recall of your failures and weaknesses and the amnesia of the great and mighty things you’ve also done in time past. Mankind is like that – never forget “your bad”, hardly recall “your good”.

More than people, external dynamics and developments can really be scary as well. When you see and read about people that have failed, people with regrets, people who fell flat, crash landed and didn’t make it in ventures, you’re tempted to reconsider your dream and vision very quickly and play it safe. When also you observe the instability, inconsistency and complexities of your operating environment, you could really become discouraged and intimidated.

On the inside of you, you’re also full of doubt, insecurity, bad memories, tension, anxiety, fear and you feel inadequate and hardly qualified to pursue your lofty dreams.

You’ll feel safer as a subject and supporter of the dream of another and you’ll be willing to pitch permanently in the comfort zone of servitude. You wouldn’t want to be in charge of even your own life, you’d rather someone else takes charge and responsibility for your income, provision, sustenance and well being through life. Internally, you’re afraid to take charge of that great yet, possible dream.

Embracing the life of the ordinary where you’ll live and follow a path like the majority can be very appealing and soothing especially with the advantage of numbers. Many people are living like that, so you see nothing wrong in a life called simple.

Simply go to school, get certified, get employed, get married, work for years, pay your bills, raise your kids, retire and wait for death. Really?

Dear friend, I do not know why and how you think it okay to go through this life without unleashing the great stuff your maker deposited on your inside – without building great and valuable things with it. How can you live without impacting humanity, without being of significant blessing to humanity, yet expect some other person to do everything that’ll make your own life more comfortable and easy.

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It’s very easy to criticize your employer, too easy to criticize your spouse, to see men as your problem and see women as all bad luck. To criticize your leaders, to blame your employer and pin point everyone and everything wrong with intense debates and sound arguments in your offices and living rooms and lounges – wow, very easy.

The aberration however is how it’s cool and easy to see all that is wrong with everything and everyone yet, you are too afraid, intimidated or indifferent to actively join in the effort and hard work, dedication and determination required to improve anything including your finances, business, employment or even nation building. You want to live the easy, simple, comfortable and convenient life, but expect others to make the sacrifice that’ll make it a reality for you.

Before you judge anyone or anything, you must obtain a moral credential through your own effort and contribution towards improving, developing and growing people or things as well.

A credible stance to criticize and judge or score others emanates from a position of positive effort, and vivid contribution to growth and success of any or every project.

“I cannot kill myself” is often a wrong mindset although that tends to rationalize a state of inertia, complacency, laziness or surrender.

I believe your desire for better things and better days are genuine and authentic, you’re not just talking, you’re sincerely pained and you want a better life experience. But you are perhaps afraid of all that is out there and your personal battles within, hence your escape strategy is to place the entire blame on something else and someone else but you.

It is unacceptable to live your life in the shadows of time. You were born, and you’re still here to covet the spotlight and put up a brilliant and fantastic performance of your life and purpose in this world.

Enough of talking and judging and blame game, it’s time to say no to your fears, skepticism, inferiority, anxiety and dysfunctional nurture.

Let go of your fears both within and without. Nothing can stop you but you, nothing can defeat you but by your permission, nothing can overcome you until you give up. Your victory is in built and guaranteed only if you’ll stay long enough at the battle front and fight with every ounce of energy you’ve got.

Don’t you dare turn your back to flee from your enemies and assailants, you’re designed to fight not for flight. No, don’t you run away, don’t you dare run and escape into obscurity, mediocrity, smallness and insignificance. Your real place in this life is on the throne of your own life. You ascend your throne through responsibility, courage, sacrifice, determination and persistence. You must have dominion. You must have dominion in this life, you’re created to have dominion!

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It is very okay to fail, feel disappointed, make mistakes; tolerate disrespect, accept ridicule, embarrassment and cheating every now and again. It’s even okay to cry frequently if you must, but you must never give up on your throne and place of dominion in this life. You must always get back up and keep trying, fighting and pushing. You can rest, take time off, cool off and take breaks, but you must return and keep on fighting until you win. Wear your opponent, detractors, opposition and enemies out with your resilience and positive stubbornness. Don’t choose simple, impact greatly. There is too much in you the world is in dire need of, don’t deny the world all the treasures your maker has put on your inside. It is time to build your dominion empire. No more excuses and blame games. Stop blaming your employer, become an employer, stop blaming government officials, become an official, rule and take responsibility for the quality of your life. Make money and build quality networks. You can do anything and become anything if you decide and commit. Learn, learn, learn and grow. Become better every day in every way. Be disciplined, stop playing too much, build capacity; stay in charge. The detractors and distractions are too many and tricky, concentrate on your life.

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